more demo

Our first April day of the renovation was spent on asbestos removal. It was like a flashback to when we first started this project—none of us guessed we’d still be working on it now.

Joe is unnaturally scared of asbestos, so he vacated the premises as me and his dad strapped on our scary-looking masks. The hallway is small, but we also did the stuff under the tile in the front entrance, and that was a little more work. I scraped the hall and Joe’s dad used a chisel and hammer to tap out the tile. It was sweaty work, bagging and double bagging and boxing the tile, but we finished in about two hours, in time for an early lunch.

After, we moved onto the hallway. I pulled nails, Joe’s dad worked on the furnace closet, and Joe tore down the bathroom doorway. The room, strangely, still looked small without the tub, but once the doorway came down, it opened up. Of course, that meant that anyone who has to use the facilities from here on our will have to go in full view of everyone. The house is so damn small that since we moved the washer-dryer to the garage, you can see into the bathroom just by stooping down to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet that’s on the opposite wall. And unfortunately, no walls also means the smell carries, as Joe proved shortly after lunch.

After breaking for the day, we went to Sears to look at the Samsung washer and dryer we want. They were on sale, so we bought them—the fastest 2 grand I ever spent. But at least they’re full size, not the ghetto stacking unit I thought we’d be forced to get. And they’re a beautiful gray color. This is the kind of stuff that excites me now.


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