love is colorblind?

It’s true that we picked out paint colors already, but we picked out 14 colors for 4 rooms. Which was only a problem when I realized the samples alone would cost $84. I finally got to a Benjamin Moore store on my lunch break Tuesday, and spent the entire hour drive home holding up swatches, our trim sample and a chunk of our granite bathroom countertop on my steering wheel.

I was pretty psyched to show Joe, but as usual, things devolved pretty quickly. Joe didn’t understand why we had to pick out more paint. I told him I liked these colors better, they are cheaper, and they got a better review by Consumer Reports. He dismissed them all with hardly a glance.

Joe is an engineer and also colorblind, and I hold both against him all the time, especially when we’re picking out paint. I understand that he has to look at it too, but most colorblind people will accept that they’re in the minority. Or, as I put it during our fight, “If I were in a wheelchair, you wouldn’t expect me to weigh in on the stairs, would you?”

Finally, in tears of frustration, I told him: “We should just get an annulment. I don’t know why we ever thought we could live together.” (Note: We’ve been living together for 8 years at this point)

Him: “We don’t need an annulment, we just need two houses.” Beat. “When we get a house at the shore, you can have this one.”

So then why can’t I pick out the wall colors?


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