my itchy nemesis

I should have known how things would go when Joe said he had a plan. That usually means I end up with nothing to do all day, or something horrible. Today was a bit of both. The temperature was supposed to get up to 80 today, so I started in the attic first thing, while it was still cool out. Because our garbage men are lazy as hell, and as a rule don’t even cart away the eight bags a week they’re supposed to, we decided that we only need to bag as much as we can haul away in a given week.

So I climbed up to the pit of death for a few hours. I managed to clear the space above the bathroom where we’re removing the ceiling with a minimum of head bumps, even when Joe and his dad shut the electric off on me. They’re framing the hall closet and can’t work around live wires (the big babies).

The tricky thing about insulation is this: It doesn’t itch while you’re rolling around in it, or even right after. It takes a little while, but by then it’s bored into every fiber of your clothing so that every move you make irritates your skin a little more. I managed to go all morning and even mow the lawn, but after lunch I was itchy and aimless. Joe couldn’t come up with anything for me to do so I ran to Lowe’s and got some non-essential items but movement, combined with the sticky heat, was worse than the worst poison ivy. I got so irritable Joe finally sent me home to shower.

Thanks goodness he did. I was like a new woman after that, although still mildly itchy. I brought back burgers, hot dogs and rolls and we pulled out the grill for dinner. By then, Joe and his dad were the irritable ones. They had been framing all day, and ended up replacing the ceiling in the closet too.

But after that long day, sitting in our backyard on battered lawn furniture and eating picnic style was like a ray of normalcy into an extremely abnormal past 5 months. We savored the food, watched the squirrels, and petted the friendly neighborhood cat who wandered into the yard.

Life is good.


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