wild kingdom

The weather wasn’t as beautiful today as it was yesterday, but it’s amazing what just not being itchy does for you. Joe and his dad had to fix a spot on the roof, so I started weeding the front flowerbeds, and I ended up spending most of the day outside.

The yard was one of the biggest selling points of this house, and I’ve started to appreciate it even more lately. Everything inside may be falling down around our ears, but you can tell the woman who lived here really loved her plants. When she got sick, her family hired a lawn service, and since we cancelled it, I’ve been worried about keeping it all up.

To me gardening, is like wine: a really broad, complex subject that you need to know something about to really enjoy. Right now, I’m at the merlot stage: I don’t even know what half the plants in our yard are, let alone how to care for them. Aside from what we think is a maple tree, some azalea bushes, a forsythia hedge, and one rose bush, I’m lost. Here are the unidentified growing objects:


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