little john

Joe had a long conversation with our contractor, the end result being that we have to switch gears and get the bathroom ready for plumbing this week. The bathroom includes the washer/dryer, which are going in the same room. We bumped out the original bathroom wall so it encloses the closet that was next to it. Now, instead of stuffing the laundry into a closet, as was previously the case, they’ll be part of the bathroom, separated from the shower by a half-wall.

It was the best solution we could come up with. But the room is still small enough that we’re gambling on getting full-size units in there. We actually cut out a cardboard model and tried to move it past the doorframe. It’s gonna be a squeeze.

Ditto the rest of the room–even with a 54-inch tub and 30-inch vanity, we’re tight as hell. My biggest concern is the lighting. I love light fixtures, but we don’t have room for, well, anything really. I emphatically vetoed Joe’s suggestion that we build lights into the medicine cabinet, so my choices are a wall-mounted fixture above the medicine cabinet, a pendent light, or recessed lights in the ceiling. I’m not thrilled with any of those options. I guess it’s time for some research.


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