house tour weekend!

My friend Emily came over to see the place—our first houseguest! Literally, my own family has not even seen the inside yet. Emily is a recent homeowner herself, so I’m sure I terrified her to some extent. But more important, she’s a fabulous decorator. She’s owned her townhome for two weeks and it already looks better than ours. Of course, she has the advantage of having floors. (also a laundry room and two and a half baths, but who’s counting?).

After I gave her the tour, we went to the flea market around the corner that I’ve been dying to check out for months. It starts at 8 a.m. and we got there around 11, but she still found an awesome little table for $5. I can’t really buy any furniture because we have no place to put it, but once I do, that flea market is conveniently close by.

After drooling over her place and having lunch, I didn’t get back to the house until late afternoon. Joe and his parents were eating burgers and hotdogs off the grill in the driveway. The day had gotten hot, and his dad had broken out the wifebeater. His mom had come over, too, to help us prime the walls.

My day of fun over, I went inside and got down to business. I applied the Zinsser seal to the ceiling of the master bedroom closet. Joe for some reason refused to paint, preferring to just “oversee” which translates to “henpeck.” I, on the other hand, was not about to stand by and let his AARP-age parents paint our walls for us, so I took over for his mom. He followed me around, accusing me of screwing up the paint job, then pouted and left early with his mom when I ignored him. Me and his dad stayed until 9 finishing and cleaning up. The good news is we painted the sample boards. Now all I need to do is pick out colors and get paint samples.


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