I had taken today off work to watch Izabelle, but in a stunning move, her mother offered to watch her for us. So I took advantage by running tons of errands. I was going to mow the lawn while waiting for our tub and toilet to arrive, but my darling husband took the only shed key with him to work. So I sat in the driveway until the delivery guy showed up and lugged the tiniest cast-iron tub I’ve ever seen into our garage. We have to store it there until Roy can install it next week. He and his plumber finished up in the bathroom, so we’ve got all new shiny copper pipes, a new water heater, and a new floor.

When Joe told me about it and how much I was going to like it, I just pouted, “Yeah, big deal, a floor. Great.” (In my defense, this was after the second week of not picking up our vanity when he promised me he would). But he was right; I can’t even describe the difference it makes. The bathroom finally resembles a room again.

Next I hit the granite place and got the tour de slab of a huge hunk of Azul Aran. I brought my camera and methodically photographed each corner to show Joe. The sales associate helping me acted like nothing was unusual about this. When I asked her if she had granite countertops at home, she replied, “No way—I can’t afford them!” I like her. I liked her even more when she called and told me that not only could they beat the price we had been getting (around $500), she also offered to sell us a show model top for $200!

I thought I was done for the day but then Joe called and suggested I buy a new sink since we returned ours with the countertop. Score—we got that cheaper too. I am not so depressed about that granite setback anymore. I did a little more faucet research while I was at Lavish, the world’s best plumbing showroom, and ended the day feeling very accomplished.


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