less progress

After Friday’s progress, I was psyched about all we’d get done in the three-day weekend. I didn’t know we’d be taking Saturday and Monday off. I did manage to prime my office closet, discovering in the process that painting is not as easy as it looks on HGTV, and also that latex primer will eventually dry and come right out of your hair should you accidentally back your ponytail into it.

My next job was to stuff the bathroom cracks full of insulation. I hate that job, so I instigated a shopping trip to Lowe’s. We set a new record of almost two and a half hours this time, but I managed to use three coupons so I was happy.

I wasn’t so happy to discover the toilet leaks when flushed. We won’t be able to install the new one until we get the tile in, and who knows when Joe will ever even let me order it. So from here on out, I have to monitor my fluid intake carefully unless I want to pee in the bushes. I swear this renovation’s going to give me kidney problems later in life.


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