glamour shots

You never see the guts of a renovation in splashy magazine spreads. No one ever oohs and ahhs over your hot water heater, or asks you where you got your chimney cap. So I’ve been taking plenty of photos no one will ever want to see. Until now.

As I’ve mentioned, our house is the dregs but our yard kicks ass. I was very excited to discover that we have peonies, one of my favorite flowers. Check out how I got all Georgia O’Keefe on this one:

We have a white bush too, which I really love. And we have a few rose bushes, red and white, that are blooming:

I really need to start learning a thing or two about gardening, because this is all I have to sustain me for a while in the “beautiful” department.


One response to “glamour shots

  1. Jill, You’re on a roll. I can see the movie version now, an update to the Money Pit, starring Tracy Ullman and that guy from the 40 year old virign. I’ve never heard a story about a reno that doesn’t involve present dramatic stress disorder, xanax, marital strife, lawyers, oh and more xanax.

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