a sinking feeling

I’ve had my first home-related premonition. Yesterday I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. I was right.

After last Saturday’s trip to a new granite place, we thought we had the countertop (the second one, because we have the Noah’s Ark of bathrooms: We’ve had to buy two of everything so far) squared away. We were just waiting for them to fax us the drawings for approval. But the drawings never came.

Finally, the designer called us and told us that the sink we wanted wouldn’t fit. This baffled me, because we had the entire thing made once already—of course it fit. How could it not? To be sure, we measured the sink ourselves. Plenty of room. But then my engineer husband did his own CAD drawing and pinpointed the issue: with the backsplash and the faucet we picked out (again, our second), we actually don’t have room.

My vote is to jettison the backsplash, because I never wanted one anyway. But Joe insists that even if we do, the clearance is so tight we still need to look for another faucet. It doesn’t sound that hard, but I’ve looked at hundreds, if not thousands of faucets already, and picked out the only two we can both agree on and afford. And I am definitely not willing to concede or compromise on this fixture, because a) I gave in and let Joe pick out the tub spout and showerhead, and he keeps telling me he wishes we’d gotten a different one and b) it may well be the only thing in the entire room I actually like.

At this rate, we may seriously have to consider washing our hands in a bidet. It might be easier to find one we both like.


One response to “a sinking feeling

  1. Oops! measure twice cut once.!

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