escape is impossible

I thought that fleeing the East Coast and all things renovation-related for a few days would be the break I needed. I imagined I’d return from my red-eye out of Vegas sufficiently refreshed to tackle faucets, tile and anything else this house could dish out.

But no, I’m crankier than ever.

We’re still stalled at finding a faucet, and to make things worse, summertime inertia has set in. Where, in month 1, we used to rise at 7, stay ’til 6 and work through meals, we now sleep in, arrive in time to hit the Chinese place for lunch, then languish in an MSG-induced stupor. On the off chance we do get something accomplished by the day’s end, it’s usually our first order of business the next morning to re-do it.

Our flagging motivation is not helped by the fact that 1) we don’t have central air, and 2) my in-laws do, and 3) also a pool and a working toilet, within 100 yards of each other.

It may be the jet lag, but I’ve started to envy the Amish. I mean, they knock out a barn raising in what, a day? They’d have had this renovation sewn up long ago.


One response to “escape is impossible

  1. The Amish may do that, but they also have about fifty people working on that barn raising! Oh, and it doesn’t need plumbing or hardware… Just walls and a ceiling… I sympathize with you!

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