a bumpy ride

After all my grousing, you’d think I’d be more excited about the progress we’ve made. We picked up the vanity Wednesday (hopefully for the last time), and today we got our tile. But that meant another 3-hour round trip to Expo to pick it up, with Izabelle on my lap half the ride.

I guess I’m to blame though. For some reason, I just assumed the tile was packed in boxes, the way magazines come in from the printer. But no, they were just stuffed in Styrofoam in a big crate. After Joe carefully loaded them all in the back of the truck (see fig. 1), we realized we had to do something else if we wanted to travel more than 5 mph all the way home. So we stopped at Home Depot next door and got some shrink wrap.

To my list of uncomfortable moments in renovating, I can now add kneeling in the back of a 100-plus degree Chevy Blazer in a Home Depot parking lot passing shrink wrap back and forth while trying to keep my skirt from riding up and giving the guy who just had to park next to us a show. (Note to self: Pants are mandatory on all future home center trips).

But we got it home in one piece—er, 120 pieces. Probably more, because tile is delicate and often arrives broken, the Expo people told us. So another trip seems likely in the near future. I can’t wait.


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