we do stuff

We loaded the tile in Joe’s truck and dropped it off first thing. We were all impressed by the place I found, Forever Marble and Granite. Hopefully, we won’t be disappointed. While we were there we also resolved the worrisome detail of shower storage. Our contractor, Roy, had foiled my dream of a tiled, recessed niche (damn our 2-by-3 walls), so we got the next best thing: white Thasso marble corner shelves for shampoo bottles and a matching soap dish insert. I’m not thrilled with this, but I’ll have to get used to it.

Next, Joe decided the hallway ceiling had to come down. Demo work is a lot less fun when the mercury’s above 90, but we sweated through it. As I cleaned up the debris, Joe and his dad made their fastest Lowe’s run to date to get who-knows-what electrical component and a 50-foot extension cord to replace the one I ruined yesterday.

We have too many hedges and bushes and trees to count, and all have been looking pretty shaggy, so I’ve been bugging Joe to clip them. For some reason he won’t let me use the electric trimmer. He would have been better off keeping me away from the manual hedge clippers. As he was trimming, I was cutting sticks into smaller pieces for the trash when we crossed paths. I didn’t even realized what had happened until I saw the monster spark and the extension cord in two pieces. Whoops.

But with the new cord, in between fits of thunderstorms, we eventually got the front yard into shape. All in all, it was a productive day.


One response to “we do stuff

  1. Oh my goodness. You haven’t burned the place down yet? You actually could have with that move! Glad to hear you’re all still alive!

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