holy crap, it’s July!

That means we have been at this for 8 months. And while I am proud of the work we’ve done (not to mention very, very grateful), I am increasingly panicked by how far we still have to go. I was ecstatic today when Joe finally gave the go-ahead to order our faucet and matching, if wildly overpriced, toilet handle (we caved, damn our perfectionism), but minutes after placing the order, I was thinking, Okay, what’s next?

I’m obsessed with finding things to put on my dwindling to-do list. The simple act of crossing something, anything, off that list, even if my rational mind knows that getting our recycling container from the township isn’t doing squat to move this renovation along any faster, at least calms me with the illusion of progress.

What’s been stalling us the longest is the heat. It’s made the attic literally uninhabitable, even with the fan running up there and an air conditioner going downstairs. That means Joe and his dad can’t finish the four circuits (bath, kitchen, furnace, doorbell), which means we can’t close up the walls, which means we can’t do the floors, etc.

So a rain dance may be the next thing I add to my to-do list. That, or finding a refrigerated suit in a man’s extra large.


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