on hiatus

Don’t get me wrong, I like the heat. But as long as we’re stuck in this holding pattern until the rest of the bathroom/kitchen wiring gets done, I curse the sun. And now they are predicting a heat wave. Crapcrapcrapcrap.

So I’m using the opportunity to bone up on gardening, which is like a foreign language to me. But it’s one I better learn fast, because the yard is huge, and probably the nicest part of this house (no lie, Joe’s brother just landscaped his front yard and paid a small fortune for a few plants.)

So far, here’s what we’ve identified:

  • three bushes of these gorgeous Roses of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)
  • a large sweet gum tree
  • a monster pine tree
  • a giant wild black cherry tree, non-fruiting, and two smaller ones (trees reproduce like Angelina Jolie if you’re not ever-vigilant about not letting the seeds take root)
  • two crabapple trees – these get beautiful flowers in spring
  • a forsythia hedge
  • several azalea bushes
  • three rose bushes
  • irises that haven’t bloomed
  • a boatload of flowering hosta
  • tulip bulbs in the front beds, possibly some hyacinth
  • two peony bushes
  • ivy
  • a small pussy willow
  • a single branch of white lilac
  • a Gypsophila bush, commonly known as baby’s breath

And what we haven’t:

  • a nasty sticker bush that, strangely, had yellow flowers in the spring but no berries
  • some kind of groundcover plant I thought was a weed
  • a shrub that we think is viburnum only it has purple flowers

Yeah, I’ve got my work cut out for me.


2 responses to “on hiatus

  1. You need to come see our rooftop deck garden.

  2. “Reproduce like Angelina Jolie!” That’s hysterical. Yes, I can vouch for the trees reproducing part. And Angelina Jolie, well, the media doesn’t let us forget on that one.

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