to do: get a life

This is the first weekend we didn’t work on the house. We drove to Expo and picked up the rest of the bathroom tile, but that was it. We spent the rest of the weekend with friends, going to a concert and hanging out at their place and actually having fun.

Other than the odd run to pick up something we ordered, I don’t really have to think about the house for three more weeks. Our foreman, aka Joe’s dad, is on vacation, and we suddenly have a jam-packed social calendar. I know this should make me happy—this house has, after all, murdered my social life—but instead, I feel like I am in withdrawal.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the distraction, but the delay, especially now, when we’re so close to getting the bathroom done, is killing me. Lately I’ve caught myself staring at houses as I drive by them, actually jealous of whoever’s lucky enough to live inside. They don’t even have to be nice houses, just finished.

I really don’t know how I’m going to make it three weeks.


One response to “to do: get a life

  1. Finally, I know I’m not alone. There ARE other people out there like me. Reading through your blog space was like reading about my own life. (Four and a half years on my own fixer upper. Things are moving slow.) Everything from chopping the extension cord (the one I cut belonged to the neighbor), to drywall dust, to arguing with my spouse about every detail. Keep up the funny stories. It lightens the load.

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