the Sunday night fights

Today was less inspiring. We did stuff, but it was a hodge-podge of random jobs, which is less exciting than one big accomplishment. Still, I’d say we set some new records: most trips to Lowe’s in one weekend; also, most ridiculous fight (and that’s saying something; we’ve been arguing over floor registers since last week).

This fight was about the placement of the doorbell chime. For most people, this would not even remotely be an issue. If you had asked me, prior to this day, if I could ever take issue with the location of a doorbell chime, I would have thought you were crazy. But my husband wanted to put the doorbell chime centered directly above the kitchen door.

His father and I raised our eyebrows and explained that that would mean making a focal point out of an object most people try to hide. Joe didn’t understand how above a door is a focal point. “Nobody looks up,” is what he said.

He would have fought me on this point all day, but his father, who should be a hostage negotiator, was eventually able to talk sense into him. We hadn’t bought enough wire, though, so we didn’t get the doorbell hooked up anyway.

But at least we got that fight out of the way, so we can move on to other, more pressing arguments: the interior doors (I want a two-panel, he wants a traditional six; I think I’m wearing him down), floor registers, hot water heater (he’s stuck on a $600 model), medicine cabinet (if he hasn’t picked one out by the time we order the doors, I’m ordering this one), and bathroom light fixture.

So many fights, so little time.


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