ta da!

It was a long, dull weekend, but we are finally contractor-ready. I thought I’d be more excited to finally type those words, but it’s anticlimactic for a few reasons:

  1. The work was boring. It was just a million odd jobs, boring enough to live through, and impossible to blog about. In summary (and I don’t blame you if you skip this) we finished up the kitchen circuits, made a dozen trips to Lowe’s, spackled, finished leveling the master bedroom floor (three times was a charm), installed a ceiling fixture in the kitchen—although that, like everything in there, is only temporary until Phase II.
  2. I can’t actually call our contractor, because we still need a medicine cabinet and a bath light fixture. And while I could order those in a day, I have to contend with Joe. I’m giving him one week to find something before ordering what I want.
  3. This doesn’t mean we’re much close to moving in. The bathroom is a major milestone, but we’re still missing some major elements, like doors and floors, and insulation. And those all cost a lot—so much, I’ve been considering a part-time job at Lowe’s just for the discount.
  4. I have a renovation hangover. I am completely maxed out on anything home-related. But just give me a day to sleep it off.


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