renovation envy

Joe’s parents live in a historic neighborhood, so my morning runs double as a chance to indulge in home voyeurism. There’s always all this beautiful work being done: new siding, gardens, cupolas. There’s even a house we looked at early in our search that has been completely redone, at least from the outside.

We’re doing the same kind of work at our house, but in the end, they’ll have these breathtaking historic treasures, and all we’ll have is a 900-square-foot box. Our architectural interest is zero—we don’t even have stairs, let alone anything worth preserving.

It makes me wonder why we’re bothering. Ours just is not the kind of house you spend this much time and money on; what we’re doing is comparable to stripping down and fixing up a 1991 Dodge Neon. I mean, some things just aren’t worth the effort, right?

Maybe. But then I think about all the work we’ve done so far, and I think that sometimes maybe the effort itself is what’s worthwhile.


One response to “renovation envy

  1. I’m sure your house will still be great when you’re done – and you can always think of it as practice. You never know, you may end up moving into a historic fixer next.

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