Since we took off yesterday to go to the beach and BBQ with friends, Labor Day was literal for us. Joe’s been gung-ho on finishing the floors, so we had poured leveller in Belle’s room Friday night. We figured that after the master bedroom, which took one main pour and two touch-ups, we finally knew what we were doing.


From the way the stuff dried, you could see where each batch had been poured; it didn’t blend together smoothly the way the first room had. More frustrating, it wasn’t entirely level, and we couldn’t figure out what we’d done wrong. Pending a trip to the floor store (closed for the holiday), we decided to tackle drywalling the hallway.

Switching gears always makes us lose momentum a little, but we made good progress. Though strangely, seeing those walls closed in after so long made me feel a little claustrophobic. I hope it’ll pass.


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