you can’t always get what you want

New paint samples to test and a trip to the flooring store. Can I stand this much excitement?

The first problem was forgetting the name of the flooring salesman we’d talked to last time. The surly receptionist said she’d find someone to help us so we went out to flip through hardwood samples. When I turned around, there was the world’s oldest salesman. White-haired and stooped, he walked so slowly I had to resist the urge to take his arm and help him across the floor. Joe’s dad asked him a technical question and he heaved a big sigh and boosted himself into a chair. This guy should be home taking a nap in his rocker, not selling flooring. And he must have agreed, because he quickly excused himself and sent in Carl.

Carl, although not the guy we had worked with previously, was really helpful. He showed us our options, which we narrowed down to the Mannington Caspian collection because it’s a locking system that doesn’t need to be glued. My only issue is the selection—there are only 12 woods, most of them dark and about half of them oak, which I’m not crazy about. If I’m spending this kind of coin on something (you don’t even want to know, but okay, it’s in the thousands for our teeny tiny house), I want to love it so much I’d sleep naked on it.

I hoped painting success would boost my spirits. I had been desperate to take advantage of Home Depot’s Labor Day sale on paint, but my samples hadn’t come in time. So I asked and found that you can buy the base paint and have them tint it later. Now I had to test the colors for the remaining rooms.

After the vote was in, we all loved the light gray for the bathroom (Behr Silver Screen), and violet for Belle’s room (Lavender Bouquet, which I still worry might be too pink). But the blue I picked for my office was too pastel-bright. So I am still a little bummed. Decorating is supposed to be more fun than this.


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