hung up

As you might be able to glean from the lack of photos lately, work is slow and boring again. We’re just doing more of the same work: drywalling the hallway and leveling floors. Mostly, we are waging WW III over the medicine cabinet.

It turns out the compromise I suggested is six inches deep, which is insane. It’d stick out so far it’d block the faucet. So I pushed for the metal one, but Joe has some problem with the hinges. I swear sometimes he must just lay awake at night thinking of new ways to stall any progress we could possibly make.

The good news is that he’s finally convinced that we have to do a metal frame. And he’s interested in a Robern—the Cadillac of medicine cabinets. They’re very minimal and clean. The bad news is that at this point, just hearing the words “medicine cabinet” makes me go into seizures.

And there’s still a light fixture to pick out.


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