ah, insulation. we meet again.

I think it was a comment Roy made about us having a month to get the attic insulated that lit a fire under Joe because suddenly, he had to buy it. This, after months of me mentioning it on ever Lowes trip. Typical.

Because of prior commitments by all and the unforeseen, ungodly heat, we decided to make that our day’s work. Our local Lowes hadn’t had enough rolls but said the store closer to Joe’s parents had more than a hundred. Lucky thing we went there, because it was on closeout and we got it for a little over $15 roll. I didn’t even need a coupon.

The only problem was transporting it. We just barely fit the 19 rolls into Joe’s Blazer and my Toyota, and then, when it was all crammed in there for the 20-minute ride to the house, we discovered a horrible truth: It stunk. Literally.

As soon as we pulled into the drive, Joe asked me, “Does this smell like cat piss to you?” I had noticed a faint odor in the car, enough for me to crank the window, but when I sniffed one of his rolls I recoiled. It was a match for Boo’s litterbox. But damned if I was going to return it now. We stacked the rolls in the living room, in the space recently vacated by the last of our drywall.

Later, researching it, I read that this smell can happen when there’s too much of a certain chemical in the binder. Supposedly, it dissipates over time. I sure hope so. Or maybe I just invest in a dozen bottles of Febreeze?


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