orders of magnitude

The vague lack-of-progress feeling I mentioned last week continues. I’m sure a lot of it is just my impatience, because this week alone we accomplished two coups: We ordered our first box of Mannington hardwood so we can test out our newly levelled floors, and we ordered a medicine cabinet (yes, finally. finally, finally!).

This morning, we went to see a man about some doors. And talk about coups—it’s taken months, but I wore Joe down from traditional six-panel interior doors to the more stylish two-panel. His dad, an HGTV fanatic, helped. In fact, I’m sure it was his opinion, not mine, that swung the vote, even though, as I often remind Joe, he’s not going to be living with us. Once he finally gets us out of his house, he won’t even want to visit too often.

But ordering stuff isn’t the same as taking it home and installing it. Ordering is even a little depressing because we are getting to the big-ticket items, and even order placed is more money out of our bank account. A lot more money.

But if I think back to the 26 bags of self-leveller we bought, I guess I can at least be grateful that we’re now spending money on things we’ll actually see.


One response to “orders of magnitude

  1. Hang in there, I think you’re making amazing progress. I kid you not, at this point, I think we’ve been working on painting our living room for over a month.

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