the next big thing

You can tell fall is here. There are no denying the signs: Pumpkin Spice lattes are back on the Starbucks menu, I suddenly need chapstick again, and I’m back to attic work.

Now that temperatures are more bearable, I have to finish sucking the blown-in insulation out of the attic. I stopped with one back corner to go. The stuff is packed under the eaves and fills up the shop vac quickly, so having Joe there to empty it saves me from wriggling out of that awkward position every time.

It’s still tedious, but at least it’s a nice break from leveling and re-levelling the floors, which was a nice break from drywall. In a renovation, things are almost fun the first time you do them, but get more and more hated each consecutive time. Which is why, seven pours of self-leveller later, I can’t even stand to mix mashed potatoes.

But, for right now anyway, the attic holds the promise of satisfaction and accomplishment. Plus insulation, dirt, and an alarming amount of roofing nails.


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