knock, knock

I’m feeling bitter today.

We got the quote for our interior doors, and it was three times what we were expecting. It would seem I haven’t lost my knack for picking the most expensive option available. The two-panel doors I finally brought Joe around on cost a crapload more than traditional six-panels we were quoted.

I was so depressed when Joe told me that I refused to even discuss it. I think for the first time in almost a year of battles, he actually felt sorry for me. I mean, I relented on the shower doors, settling for clear glass over the antique I really wanted (and which earned me a compliment on my good taste). Now I have to get boring, unattractive doors everywhere else too?

I mean, what is the point of building a house from the ground up if you can’t do a single thing you want? Here’s a list of things we haven’t been able to do so far. Amazingly, Joe can be blamed for none of this:

  • add a laundry room, because the cost of running plumbing was exorbitant
  • add a second bath or half-bath, for the same reason
  • have both a full size tub and washer/dryer because space is too tight
  • have real hardwood floors, because we’re on a slab
  • recess anything because the walls are 2-by-3 construction

This list is nowhere near complete, and it’s only for phase I. I don’t even want to think about what I’ll have to give up in the kitchen.


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