forward and back again

The good news:

We got our trial box of wood flooring in. I actually like the oak much better than I liked the sample. Or else I’m just happy to have anything that looks remotely like progress (check out the finished outlet). Especially given exhibit two.

The bad news:

This is what our freshly painted master bedroom ceiling looked like on Friday night. Joe’s dad had called me at work earlier in disgust to tell me what you can plainly see: the primer and coat of white paint he had painstakingly applied (ceiling work is always a bitch) were peeling right off. The ceilings were the only thing we didn’t replace on the entire south side of the house. And naturally, that was a mistake. We suspected the primer, but it turned out to be the ceiling itself. Whatever it had been previously treated with had zero adherence and came off with a little water. The guys spent all day Saturday stripping and scrubbing away 50 years of old ceiling paint, until they were down to the drywall. Sigh. Nothing I like better than undoing work we’ve already done.

To complete the day, the box of hardwood we got was completely opened. And while nothing appeared to be damaged, we were missing three square feet. Heads are gonna roll Monday.


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