lighting the way

Our search for a vanity light has been upgraded to code red status. For once, Joe and I actually agree on a light—several of them, in fact. This was the first one:

But, and here is something completely new, no one will sell it to us. Apparently, you can only buy it as a set with a vanity, not separately. I have pestered salespeople and basically tried every sneaky way I can think of, short of stealing a floor model, to get around that requirement, to no avail. I even contacted the manufacturer directly, but I guess the secret to the stalwart Canadian economy is to not sell people things. Huh.

Anyway, this light from Restoration Hardware was our second choice until we went to see it today. It’s mounted so close to the wall, we’re afraid our surface-hung medicine cabinet (curse you, 2-by-3 construction), will block it entirely. We also looked at one at Pottery Barn, same deal (and it was hideous). So now we are stuck. Other styles of lights are either too big in scale for the space, or too small for the medicine cabinet.

I’m back to figuring out how to trick this lousy Canadian manufacturer into selling me their product. Or if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


One response to “lighting the way

  1. Re: the Canadian economic model of not sellin’ stuff to ‘Mericans…

    HA! We learned it from YOU! ;P

    So many big name American companies won’t sell online to Canada! SO MANY. You may be tasting Canadian revenge, which I hear tastes like back bacon, maple syrup and the inside of a hockey bag. Mmmmmm, baaacon.

    Where was I? Oh yes. Turn about is fair play and so on.

    Good luck finding your light!! 🙂

    — Janine

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