close calls

I was on pins and needles all week waiting for our hardwood to be delivered. Joe’s dad signed for it Wednesday afternoon. It was late, but every box was in pristine condition. We were even luckier than I thought, because when I went to return a roll of foam to the flooring store we almost ordered from (had the sample box they sold us not been so crappy), I was stunned to learn that they had gone out of business.

The rest of the day we spent on the Great Bathroom Light Fixture Search. We hit up Light World, which has a great selection. Even so, it was as torturous as ever, and we left empty-handed. The only progress we made was finding the chandelier for Izabelle’s room. I actually found it earlier online and she liked the picture, but now we’ve seen it in person.

It’s called the Rosavita, and it’s by—get this—Mary Kate and Ashley for Elk Lighting. But it isn’t bad. Even Joe agreed—I think that’s what he meant when he said, “Well, it isn’t as gaudy as what I thought you’d pick.” (He was talking to me, not Belle.) And it it’s much more reasonable than my stepdaughter’s first choice, which is a purple Schonbek crystal pendant with a $650 price tag.

At least she’s got good taste. Must come from her mom.


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