I’ve lost count how many trips we’ve taken to Expo, but it’s been one too many. The tile we were promised would be “hand-picked and delivered by Wednesday” still wasn’t there Saturday morning. It took me pitching a major fit, followed by Joe calling back, asking for the manager, and pitching a major fit that made my fit seem tame by comparison before we got results.

We wouldn’t have been so impatient but we got official word that Roy would be coming on Tuesday. This Tuesday. Hallelujah. And the man needs tile. The man also needs a light fixture, so we browsed before heading to the tile department. I pointed this one out to Joe. I’d been considering it all along, and now we were both so worn down, we were open to anything. He said okay, fine, but I could tell he didn’t mean it.

When we got home, we went through the tile immediately. It was much better. Also, to  remedy the appalling lack of photos on this blog lately, I handed my camera over to Belle, who shows a lot of promise at photography. Enjoy:


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