Saturday, part I: the ecstasy

I hadn’t been by the house all week, so I only heard about the progress secondhand from Joe and his dad. And that is a horrible way to hear anything, unless you only want to know what’s wrong with it. As far as I’m concerned, nothing is wrong. For starters, the medicine cabinet is gorgeous. Joe is concerned that we got the wrong side kit and beveled glass. I pointed out that he wanted beveled glass—I’m the one who didn’t want it, and I don’t even care.

In our bedroom, Joe’s dad put on the first coat of paint and it is amazing. I really, really love the green we picked. And here is our fabulous, long-awaited hot water heater. The label looks superhero-ish. I guess it helps that it’s called The Defender.

Finally, the bathroom. We have walls. What can I say to make you understand the indescribable beauty of that? We have walls in the bathroom. Joe also talked Roy into a recessed soap dish, which I thought was impossible. I love this man. Both those men. I haven’t been this excited since we bought the place. I may need tranquilizers to see it actually finished.

We were waiting for Joe’s dad to join us, so pretty much all we did all morning was buy grout for the tiles. They have this entire sheet of colors that peel off and have a sticky back, so you can put them right up against your tile, which is pretty neat, but in the end we went with standard white. I was intrigued to learn that glittery metallic grout exists, though. I can only imagine whoever buys it also has a popcorn ceiling.

So much progress. My faith is restored. This bathroom is going to look damn good.


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