Saturday, part II: the agony

I present my first photo essay: How we destroyed the ceiling in the master bedroom for the second time.

The background: We were trying to insulate the attic, but first we had to fix the wood bridges between the beams that stuck up too far. We’d have to hack them off or replace them so the plywood could lie flat. Replacing them seemed to be the easier option, so Joe pried up the ones that were giving us trouble:

Then we cut new pieces to replace them:

And went up to the attic and hammered/screwed them in place:

But what none of us considered is that this is work that should be done before you paint your master bedroom ceiling for the second time. Because while we were doing this:

We were also doing this:

The drywall was sagging and all our hammering and screwing cracked the ceiling and pushed nailheads through. So now we have to re-screw it in place, and spackle, sand, and paint for the third time. I almost cried watching.

We should have called it a day after picking the grout.


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