a near-bath experience

So this is our tub, tiled. How beautiful is that? I rushed over after work to see it and was so excited/nervous I set my car alarm off by accident. I could stare at it forever (and did, in fact, spend a good chunk of time staring at it tonight). Some of the photos make the marble look beige (shudder), but it’s light gray.

The last tile in the recessed shelf is missing because Roy wanted us to pick it out, since it’s smack in the middle of the shower. I figure it will be covered with shampoo bottles most of the time, but I appreciate the gesture. And we went with just one white granite corner shelf. Hopefully the three of us can keep our shampoo bottles to a minimum.

The other good news is that the light fixture came and it wasn’t broken. And I love it. I got it for an absolute steal from an eBay shop so I figured something would be wrong with it but nope. It was even in the original packaging. Now I need to order the matching toilet paper holder.

I can’t believe it’s finally all coming together. I am a perpetual state of nervous excitement. This will be our last toilet-less weekend. Hooray!


2 responses to “a near-bath experience

  1. Exciting! Our tub is the same tone of marble… except ours is FAKE marble (so bad you can see the pixelation of the computer picture printed on it). I wish they had used the real stuff… it looks nice!

  2. Thanks! I still have reservations about natural stone. Admittedly, we are fussy, but we had three batches of tile returns, and had to have the countertop (granite) made twice. The stuff is beautiful, but also fragile and high-maintenance. I think I’ll be pushing for manmade stuff in the kitchen.

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