what not to say to someone renovating a house

After all that progress, things are back to the pace of drudgery again. And being so close is making me exceptionally cranky. Here are 8 things to say to make me even crankier:

  1. So, when will you be done? This is the question I ask myself countless times every day without resolution. Do I really need to hear it from you too?
  2. It cost how much? Yes, it did. But it’s one less decision I have to worry about now, and one step closer to me moving in, and that, my friend, is priceless.
  3. What’s taking so long? Um, you’ll need to ask my husband that one.
  4. Can’t you just move in without X (doors, floors, insulation, etc.)? If I could, believe me, I would.
  5. Are you going to buy furniture? Hey, do you want to ask my diabetic grandmother if she wants any cake? Oh, and here’s some rum to take to the local AA meeting. Yeah, it’s like that.
  6. You know what you could have done is … No. We are not redoing a thing.
  7. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Oh, but it does. After spending a full year sinking every dime we have into it, working my fingers to the bone, and living with my in-laws, among other things, anything less than perfect in entirely unacceptable.
  8. When will you get around to phase II? Oh, probably sometime after I finish disposing of your remains.



3 responses to “what not to say to someone renovating a house

  1. hahah thanks for the advice

  2. I get the “when will you be finished?” and “are you done yet?” pretty much daily.
    Actually, sure – I get your entire list. And it makes me cranky too! I feel like exasperated when I explain one week that I have to put on a roof, jack the floors, patch the floors, sand the floors, replace the plumbing, remove the asbestos, strip the siding, install windows, rebuild the chimneys, etc. What do they ask the very next week?
    “Are you done yet? When are you moving in???” LOLOL!!! Never if the men in white coats have to take me away because of your questions. 😉

  3. LOL! Thanks for the laughs.

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