it’s a wash

I woke up ready to roll. All our parts came in yesterday, so we were planning on installing the washer and dryer, mounting the medicine chest and bathroom light, and starting the floors. Instead, I spent roughly 8 hours stuck in the bathroom behind this:

washer-dryer-in1My new washer and dryer, aka our biggest stumbling block with this phase of the renovation. We tried adding a laundry room, but the expense of running plumbing was just too much, so instead we went with stacking units in the bathroom.

There are many drawbacks to this, not the least of which is that any maintenance whatsoever will require tearing off the bathroom door and trim, but it was our only option. And the space is so tight, it’s actually amazing we pulled it off.

I say we, but the credit really goes to Joe and his dad. They had to wrangle a 270-pound washing machine over marble tile without cracking it, then put a 170-pound dryer on top and slide both units out enough so Joe’s dad could squeeze behind and make all the connections.

I, meanwhile, spent most of my time trapped inside the bathroom while the machines blocked the doorway. I’m sure I would have felt more claustrophobic if I hadn’t been busy admiring the tile and fixtures and granite countertop. And I’m overjoyed that we finally got to install those appliances, which we bought last winter. Here’s hoping they never, ever break, or we are so screwed.


One response to “it’s a wash

  1. Congrats on getting your washer and dryer in place! Hey, at least your husband didn’t let the installers put in the dryer with the door opening the wrong way. Now, when I take stuff out of the washer, I have to lean over the freakin’ dryer door in our miniscule laundry room to load the dryer. It doesn’t sound annoying, but it is. Really. Annoying. And we have to call someone to come out and switch it. Yours, on the other hand, are gleaming and gorgeous!! Hooray!!!

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