Tonight, we all agreed conclusively that the bathroom door we ordered is never going to open 90 degrees with the washer and dryer installed. Joe’s dad and I both lobbied hard for an outward-swinging door, but I ultimately left the decision up to Joe.

Clearly, I forgot what has happened when I’ve done that in the past—namely that we end up with things we both hate (ahem, shower hardware). In this case, it’s a bit worse than that: Lowe’s policy is that you can’t change an order if it’s been 48 hours or more since you placed it, which leaves us with a $300 mistake. And a four-week delay.

While I am definitely not missing a chance to rub it in, I can’t be too upset with him. One mistake a year isn’t bad. Especially with this project. Now, is anyone in the market for a custom 28-inch, two-panel door?



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