decisions, decisions

Even when our progress is at its slowest, mentally I am always raring to go. Here’s what’s been on my mind lately (now you understand the blank stare):

bathroom finishing touches Hardware, wastebasket, and a shelf

also, window treatments What looks right on such a short window?

I still need to pick a paint color for my office

wall vents Can we find any to match the floor vents? If not, can I convince Joe to go with new floor vents? Maybe it’s not too late.

doorknob styles

area rugs

closet systems Where can I find a reasonably priced one that’s solid wood, and how am I ever going to keep the cat out without doors?

and, related: where do we put the cat’s litterbox?



One response to “decisions, decisions

  1. Love the bathroom! As for the litterbox, while the bathroom seems like the sensible choice, it was still kinda freaky to me, when I went into my bathroom, only to find the cat already occupied there, and looking at me as if *I* had disturbed *her.*

    I’m thinking about relocating it to the basement.

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