the unveiling

There are still finishing touches to add, but here is our first ever before and after.



It helps that the ugly factor before is waaaay up there. As if pink and blue tile wasn’t bad enough, aqua accents and that wallpaper finish the job. We were rockin’ a handicap bar by the john, and if you look closely, you’ll also see a phone jack back there.


Just looking at this wallpaper gives me hives. This is what the entire house looked like–now you know why we took a sledgehammer to it.


And the gory details: Nothing says glamour like three switchplates. The tub was the worst, though: Not only was the soap dish mysteriously chiseled away, the drain was replaced with a commercial shower drain. Baths were not an option.

Now, the after:








Aaaaaahhhhhhh. And check out these details:


Well–what do you think?



10 responses to “the unveiling

  1. WOW! I am amazed. Seriously! Beautiful! And I had NO idea how BAD the before was really going to be. Dear God, I think it actually looked worse than my 1950s pink and black bathroom. I didn’t think there would be much that could actually look worse…

    What beautiful work! When will you get to use your tub???

  2. Woohoo:) Looks great. I know you did all the selecting. If Joe did, it would look like an old know mister cheap!

    Wolfe did an excellent Job. When did Joe agree to let you purchase the light fixture? What did you have to comprise to let the old cheapskate agree to let you purchase a light?

    Now, when are you going to start on the kitchen?

  3. I love it! It’s too pretty to pee in!

  4. WOW! It looks beautiful. I bet you can’t wait to relax in the tub!!!

  5. I hope you saved the Pink Toilet!

  6. I had a house with almost the exact same bath, pink toilet and all.
    Big improvement!

  7. It looks so dull now. It was way better before

  8. I only approved the last comment to mock it. Because either you are kidding or you are one of the reasons pleated pants and seashell chandeliers still exist. The room was pink and turquoise. I shudder just looking at it. I like to think that maybe your real issue is the lack of accessories so maybe I’ll post some updated photos that show how to room is lived in. But better before? Sorry, no.

  9. It looks so much better. I would love to have this color in my downstairs . Do you think it would look good with teak woodwork?

    • Thanks! And sure, I think gray of gray as a neutral that can go with anything. I’d almost prefer teak to the cherry cabinet we got because it will get more red-toned as time goes on.

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