floating on air

joe-walking-hall1Today we remembered the saw but forgot the glue. Okay, we didn’t forget it—I made calls last week and everyone told us we didn’t need it to float the floor. But it turns out you do need it for the boards you have to cut. We could work around it though.

I was in charge of racking the boards, which means selecting the lengths and pattern for consecutive rows. You have to do this if you don’t want to end up with a bunch of seams all together. jill-racking1I did almost my entire office.

(Oh yeah, and as you can see, I finally picked paint. On a whim, I checked out the paint at Lowe’s and discovered Valspar sells samples in the store for $3.99. Why didn’t anyone tell me? It looks gray here but it’s called Palisades blue.) Joe’s dad installed the rows and Joe cut the boards. We’re using Mannington’s Caspian collection LocNGo system, and it works pretty nicely. You’ve got to tap it with a hammer and it clicks into place. joe-taps-boardsAnd all that leveling must have paid off because it’s nice and flat. It looks a little too perfect to me for real wood, but what a difference it makes. So not concrete.

And it’s fun to slide around on it in your socks. All day long, I was gliding up and down the hall. When the master bedroom was finished, I grabbed Joe and pulled him out into the center of our floor for a dance.

Change is good.



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