to Lowe’s: oh, it is so on


This is the pile of receipts I’ve accumulated from a certain home improvement chain in the last year. And if five inches doesn’t look like a lot, keep in mind that these are all neatly paperclipped together. I’m going to guess this is about 10K at least here. I may have to go through the trouble of adding it up later, but for now, I just want to report that this amount of business apparently does not get you good customer service.

Our doors were supposed to be delivered yesterday. Scratch that—they were supposed to be delivered by November 17 at the latest, because that’s three weeks since we ordered them. We called three separate times about that delivery date and were actually told the doors were en route from North Carolina before Thanksgiving, which is why we could not change our order. This was obviously a dirty lie.

Yesterday was the last straw. A full 44 days after we ordered approximately $1,500 worth of merchandise, it still had not arrived, and we were not given an apology or an explanation why. Joe had actually taken the day off to pick up the doors, and he was so incensed he canceled the order and called for a Lowe’s boycott.

I am not one to take such things lightly, especially given that this company has also been giving me hassle about a rebate on the insulation we bought. I don’t get it—in this lousy economy, we’ve basically been donating all our paychecks to Lowe’s, and this is how they thank us? Bad customer service always rankles me, but when it delays the date I can move out of my in-laws by, watch out.

Lowe’s, get ready for the storm.



7 responses to “to Lowe’s: oh, it is so on

  1. This is why we all need to focus our attention and hard earned money back to the local stores. I just went through a really tough one with Best Buy on a new computer monitor. I’m sick and tired of the lousy customer service that we get just to save a few bucks. Buy local, at least local businesses understand customer service.

    I hope you finally get some doors.

  2. I’m with Todd on this. It seems that as the economy is getting worse, so is the customer service from these large, slow-moving dinosaur companies. Nine times out of ten you wind up talking to “Bob” from Bangalore who has neither the interest nor the authority to do anything to actually help you.

    I stopped using HD a couple of years ago and Lowes, which is a little better, is nevertheless on probation with me. I’m not political about it. If a big company gives me good service, like DirecTV, it keeps my business. If it doesn’t (like ATT) it gets fired.

  3. I’ve had similar frustrations (although nowhere near your level!) with Home Depot, so I’ve been giving my business to Menard’s (a midwest chain that’s almost locally-owned) and Habitat ReStore.

    If you’re going to take a stand, make sure they know it. There’s nothing that annoys me more than someone planning a secret boycott!

  4. I hear you on this. I will forever boycott IKEA for the simple reason that their customer service was unbelievably poor and the rudeness in their customer service employees was unmatched. We drove 40 miles (one-way!) to pick up a piece of furniture, and discovered that it was missing a screw when we got home. When Nate called customer service to ask if they could send a replacement screw, they told us that we’d have to drive back to the store to get it. This is not something you want to tell a woman who is 7 months pregnant… I was livid.

    I wrote a nice little e-mail to IKEA (I’m *really* good at writing “nice” letters….) telling them that they had lost me as a customer and that I would be sure to tell my story to everyone I knew. It was positively ridiculous and I wanted to return the piece of furniture. Despite my attitude, Nate drove back to IKEA for one lousy screw.

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  6. I’m glad to hear I am not the only one fighting with Lowes. I am still haggling with them over the insulation. I would just return it and buy local, but in the nine weeks I have been waiting for the rebate I have already installed the insulation. I’ve been averaging $1000 month at Lowes on my current remodel but they ignore my e-mails…To bad there is not a Menards here in Washington.

  7. That’s terrible. If you want to see the letter I wrote that got a response (time will tell if it’s the right response), I’d be happy to send it to you.

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