behind door No. 2

I am a seething cauldron of rage right now. I probably should have seen it coming, because the door situation was just resolved too quickly and neatly, and things never happen that way for us, especially on this never-ending project.

We hung our first door today. It was pretty battered to hell, but it was a closet door, and for the price we paid and the exhausting process we went through, I was willing to overlook that. But when we hoisted the second door, Joe’s dad discovered why it was so mysteriously heavy. It’s freakin’ particle board. Look:

pine-vs-particle-board-closeIn their haste to fill our order, they must have decided we’d never know the difference (after all, it is only about 100 pounds) and slapped a pine veneer over this crap.

Pretty unbelievable. I was on the phone to Lowe’s in a hot second. Tom was out for the weekend, and our attempts to explain the situation to anyone else who works there felt like teaching a kindergartener calculus, so we’ll just wait until Monday. Skulls will be cracked.



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