Monthly Archives: February 2009

Belle’s room


Joe had a week off, and he and his dad worked at the house every day. On Saturday, Feb. 14, this was his Valentine’s gift to me. Go ahead, take a peek:


How gorgeous is that? We can never sell this house, because if anyone ever tries to paint this woodwork, I will kill them. But not anywhere near my trim.



February recap

Next up, wood. Lots and lots of wood. We filled two bedrooms with baseboard and trim to be finished. I sanded and stained a ton over my last Xmas vacation and it’s been on a rack for a year waiting. Then we realized we needed more for the hallway, so Joe and I bought more. Also wood for the closet shelves:



And then of course the doors. The two-panels finished up a little dark in some spots, but I was just mad that I didn’t have time to put a single drop of stain on them after all that sanding. But wait, what’s missing from this lineup?


Oh yeah, my office door. No, we still didn’t get a replacement yet from Lowe’s for that piece of particle board crap.


back at last

Why I’ve been MIA: Because both the economy and my job at the present suck. I’ve been working so much I haven’t even gotten to do much at the house, so my recap of the past two months (!) won’t take more than two posts.

I’ll start with January. We really didn’t accomplish much until the weekend of the 24-25, when we floored the attic. Despite having an ingrained hatred of the attic since the insulation removal phase, and despite working in the frigid cold, this may have been my favorite part of the renovation to date. Maybe because it was a true team effort.

Because we are sick perfectionists,we had to cut every single board. That’s because we wanted to stagger the seams across the beams. So while Joe stayed in the attic and screwed the plywood sheets down, me and his dad measured, then went outside and cut them to length. Hence, my makeshift babuska:


But it felt like such progress. We got the entire floor done in one weekend. Okay, it was only half of the entire attic, since the second half isn’t renovated yet, but still, that has got to be a record for us. Here it is at the halfway point:


And just about finished:


And surprise! Two days later it was already completely filled with crap.