home sweet home

Okay, the details. Despite the year and three months we’ve had to plan this move, it turned out like all our others—namely, with us throwing crap in boxes at the last minute and trying to corral the chaos without killing each other. We were only mildly successful.

I spent my entire Saturday scrubbing the kitchen spotless, even though Joe’s mom had already cleaned once. It was that filthy. And since this is the cleanest it’s going to be until we rip it out and replace it all in Phase II, I took a picture: clean-kitchen3

Compared to the “finished wing,” our Phase II rooms are going to be tough to live with, but I am still pleasantly surprised by how well they cleaned up. I would have liked to shampoo the living room carpet but we ran out of time.

Still, with the furniture in, it’s cozy. We may not have a window treatment in the entire house, a working dishwasher, internet access, or any clue where our bath towels are at present, but I have to say, nothing beats coming home.



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