it’s a wash

We hooked up our dishwasher.


To understand how momentous that is, you have to know that we’ve had a brand new KitchenAid dishwasher sitting in our kitchen since October 2007. But for this appliance, we would have narrowly escaped this entire renovation.

We discovered the existing one leaked during our final walk-through, and spent the entire day—the world’s longest closing—in the company of an evil one-eyed realtor and her ex-convict plumber, who couldn’t fix the leak. We could have called off the sale, but oh no, we decided to take a check for a new dishwasher.

I had given up nagging Joe about installing it. I had also given up doing the dishes, which may have been what finally convinced him. As usual, it turned into a whole-day project, at the end of which we had re-wired a switch, installed a new garbage disposal, and spent tons of money.

I’m overjoyed when we finish anything, but this time, my elation is tinged with disappointment. Turns out, it’s not a great idea to wait a year and a half to examine the merchandise. Our brand new dishwasher came out of the box with a big, ugly scuff mark,  front and center. Look:


And it’s too late for us to do anything about it—except think of how to cover it up. Racing stripes, maybe?

At least it doesn’t leak.


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