my grandmother’s things

My grandmother, Isabelle Verna West, passed away a few days before my 30th birthday this March. She was 89, and spunky up to the last. She never got to see our house, but here are a few of her things that will live in it now.

I would like to imagine this recipe box will make me half as good a cook as she was. But in her own words, “Oh come on now, Jill, let’s get real.”


I have a fancy new Eva Solo tea brewer that I love, but this is perfect for a quick pot. With a new handle and some buffing, it will be good as new.


I have been looking everywhere for a little step stool to help me reach the bathroom laundry shelf. When I saw this beat up old wood work bench, I knew it would be perfect. I’ll probably refinish it because it’s been painted, but I want to keep some of the deep scarring in the wood. I like the character it adds.


Finally, and most cool, here’s the pocket gardening book she gave to me right before she died. Thanks, Nan–I’m sure it will come in handy.






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