down and dirty


Joe has had a longstanding vendetta against the plants in our backyard, particularly the ivy, and today he decided to settle the score. It was 70 degrees and sunny, so I could pretty much be talked into doing anything outside.

The ivy proved a worthy opponent. Especially because it was entwined around a rusted wire fence. After several sweaty hours, we had ripped out as much as we could and decided to take a break go look at plants.

We know even less about gardening than we do about renovating, so we agreed not to buy anything until we researched it first. Which is why we ended up with two lilac bushes (we had a gorgeous white one out front, but it died somehow), a flowering plum tree and, get this, a magnolia. They’re all gorgeous, but my guess is we’ll end up killing them. Or, if they’re anything like ivy, vice versa.



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