tree happy

Last weekend was filled with other distractions, but mostly we worked on the yard. Since Belle was around, there are rare action shots of me taking on the ivy, which we’re attempting to clear from a second bed:

The first bed is nearly done. We went with a small flowering plum tree on the end, a lavender bush, the remaining azalea, which is white, and another lavender. The problem is figuring out what to plant on the end spot:
new-flower-bed-cropBut while I consider size, growing conditions, and color scheme, Joe just keeps going out and buying trees. He can’t seem to help himself, despite the fact that we have nowhere to plant them. Trees are one of the few nice things that came with the house, and we’ve got several really gorgeous flowering ones, and in general, no room for any more.

But that hasn’t stopped him. We still need a spot for the magnolia, and now a pink Japanese cherry, which I don’t really care for (they’re everywhere, and pink clashes with our color scheme, which was supposed to be purple, white and green). So I know we need to finish that bed with a nice shrub or something, but I’m afraid to take him near a greenhouse. Any suggestions?


2 responses to “tree happy

  1. Lorraine Storms

    Color scheme? You’re far more coordinated than I am…. I plant things and pray they grow. I’m impartial to colors…. (But, wait, maybe that’s because most of the time they DON’T grow.)

  2. I had to rein him in somehow, or the yard would look like a patchwork quilt. But don’t let that fool you, we’re just as much trial and error here.

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