shhh … I bought something


Turns out I didn’t have to wait a year after all.

I am not what you would call an impulsive shopper, but I am a sucker for the words “sale,”  “supplies limited,” and “free shipping.” So I bought my dream hamper. But I didn’t tell Joe. He was surprisingly upset about the $20 canisters, so this should be interesting.

I don’t like being devious, but there is a precedent for guerrilla-style home purchases. I had to sneak plain white bath towels into our first apartment, which taught me an important lesson: Joe approaches even the smallest change kicking and screaming, so if I never bought anything without his permission, our house would be in a state similar to his underwear drawer. Not pretty, I assure you.

Besides, I’ve lived for two months sans toilet tissue holder and window treatments. I’ve earned this.web-pink-doublegun-gi


4 responses to “shhh … I bought something

  1. Lorraine Storms

    Sure hope Joe doesn’t review your home improvement blog, or, well, um, you’ve already blown your secret! Nice hamper, but I do wonder if you’ll be able to keep it in immaculate shape like that. We have a wicker hamper and it’s still in relatively great shape, but there are days when we stuff entirely too many clothes into it. When that fails, we pile the clothes in front of it. Really, why I even bought a hamper is beyond me…. May yours stay pretty!

  2. Well we’ve been using a cardboard moving box, so anything’s an improvement. But I know what you mean, a lot of times the wash just sits in the dryer for days.
    No worries about blowing my cover—Joe’s an engineer. He doesn’t read, period.
    But I do wish I could get a delivery date so I can intercept the package. I’ve found the most successful approach for new stuff is to just have it around the house and when he finally notices it, I say, oh, that’s not new, it’s been here for days.
    At least it worked for the towels.

  3. Where did you get the Hamper?

  4. Cost Plus World Market. I wish we had an actual store close by, but I settled for the website ( But I think I got the last one of these, though, sorry. Still, it’s a great resource for other home stuff. Happy shopping!

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