oops, we did it again


The latest results of our pot addiction.

The Northeast is experiencing the second coming of Noah, so we figured the rain would prevent us from any yard work this weekend. Instead, we cruised garden centers all day, trying to find a plant to fill the void in the backyard.

After several unsuccessful trips to chains, I convinced Joe to try out Gasper, a place that sent us an ad with a coupon. We both fell under the place’s spell. It was pricier, but had a much better selection.

We decided on a Camellia April Snow to round out the back bed. It stays green all winter, and gets flowers like this:


That is, provided we don’t kill it. Then, in keeping with our tradition of buying plants we don’t have room for, we also committed to some purple and white columbine (center in the top photo) and shasta daisies. Both spent the rest of the weekend on our front porch.

And we’ll probably go back next weekend because they promised us they were getting in some white peonies and irises. And I’ve got another coupon.



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