a shoe-in


Joe started designing my closet system today. I am no Mariah Carey (that’s her shoe wardrobe above), but when you live in a 900-square-foot ranch with no basement and a grand total of four closets, this is a necessity. And I was going to share—that he insists on using the closet in my office is a bonus.

My major concern is having a place to hang my work clothes so they won’t get cat hair all over them, but I have to admit, I started to get into it. Especially when we started measuring my shoes to see how many shelves of them we could squeeze in. Joe was less so when he realized how many shelves I wanted. “You’d have to have 21 pairs of shoes,” he said. “No one has that many.”

Isn’t he adorable? I proceeded to line them up for him, 25 pair total. And I am sure that’s a fraction of what most women have. Of course, he doesn’t believe that. So back me up, ladies—how many pairs of shoes do you have?



2 responses to “a shoe-in

  1. Mom of a 4 year old

    32 pairs.

  2. Lorraine Storms

    Without counting, I’d have to say at least 20 pairs, probably only 5 of which I wear regularly. I’m on the conservative end of shoes, though…. I think most have WAY more than I do.

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